Hi, I’m Dave. I’ve been in IT since 1984. Mainframes, PCs, COBOL-74, DCOM, you name it.

For the first 14 years of my career I worked for a public school system. Since then? Your basic “brick-and-mortar” company. Privately owned, but with ties to government (read: ITAR, serialization of parts, and yes, we learned the hard way about security.). Earlier this year (2016) I was offered a “golden parachute” (read: early retirement) and took it.

For those who care I have to B.S. degrees (from the 1980s) and a lapsed MSFT certification (from the 1990s). I probably used my Business Management degree the most, as understanding the “customer” is always important. I received a compliment from a peer who told me he always learned something when I’m in a meeting (it was about PLM).

My IT highlights? I’ll give you a few.

Well, early in my stay at the private company I was a week away from rolling out an “intranet app” when a BSOD on our NT4 host server in the DMZ happened. Intranet? Who cares, right? Except that I was also about 4 weeks away from a second “internet app”. Ouch. This being early 2000, we tried a DCOM solution. After opening 100 ports, we still couldn’t get things pinging. (I was impressed 2 years later to find that the real experts had issues with this.) That’s when I decided to try MSFT SOAP 1.0. For you millenials, SOAP is the basis for your web services. It’s all just XML! Well, I think we put into production one of the first uses of SOAP.

In 2002 my employer decided to move all divisions to SAP. What I would have expected to be an 18 month rollout was 10 months, and it was painful. We changed material numbers (for no good reason), shut down two customer’s production lines (due to shipping to the wrong plants), had consultants who - 2 months before “go live” - were still “blue printing” things. ABAP, the SAP proprietary language, reeks of the 1980s. Top down, COBOL-like, sections, you name it. And their editor *is from the 1980s. (Unless you were lucky enough to use NetWeaver Studio, which is based on Eclipse. Yep, you Eclipse users are the lucky ones!)

In 2009 I was literally thrown something called “PI”. Middleware. (Do they still use that term anywhere?) The BASIS group got an instance up and running and since nobody knew what to do next, they gave me 3 months to see if it was a good fit. No training, no hand-holding from consultants, nothing.

It was a good fit. It’s actually a pretty decent platform. Expensive, but decent. Thick Java apps (ugh), NetWeaver admin via webpages. But n the end it’s *still all just XML!

Don’t think I’m a pro with XML. Not in the least. It just another language. I probably used close to a dozen languages professionally.

Here? I wish to focus on Swift. I’ve always liked Apple hardware (my first computer was an Apple ][c). Never appreciated Objective-C. I can “read” it, but wow, it’s “verbose”. I took to it quickly. I put my first iOS app in the store in August 2016 and have a few more in the can.

Personl. Well, I’m happily married, devoutly Catholic, a cat owner, and finally getting back on that diet. And that’s all I expect you’ll hear on that. But this site isn’t about personal things. It’s about helping others with Swift, UIKit, and Core Image.

31 October 2016